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Texas Catfish Juglines are the Original
Texas Legal catfishing flagging jugs to be made in Texas

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We won't bore you with made up testimonials that we have had friends make up just so that we can sell
you more jugs like some people do. That is an old and widely used sales trick. Quite funny to me!!!

Our Original Texas Catfishing Jugs are very light weight, durable and compact so that you can easily carry
plenty with you when you go jug fishing for catfish.
They are made of 1/2 inch schedule 40 pvc pipe and caps with a sliding weight inside. There is a strong
eye hook in one end to tie your preferred line and hooks to. We also put rubber bumpers inside each end
of the pvc caps to keep the weights from busting the ends off of the caps.
The foam on the pvc pipe is the original white Texas Legal closed cell foam.I have caught catfish up to
50 pounds on these jugs and it was no problem at all.

Here is a picture of one of our Texas Catfish Juglines laying down in the water waiting to be flagged by
a catfish biting on the hook and pulling the line down........... click here

Then, next is a picture of a jug in the water that has flagged and has one or more catfish on it. It is
standing straight up and will bob up and down as the catfish swims and pulls it down!!............ click here

In the state of Texas you are allowed to have up to 5 hooks on each jugline with a maximum of 100 hooks
at a time out by any one person. I only use 3 hooks at a time on each jug just for safety. We do not sell
the rigged up lines with hooks attached for the simple reason that it is a lawsuit waiting to happen if I
sell them to you like that and someone gets pulled into the water by a big catfish and is killed or injured.
Very good grounds for a lawsuit!!!
You will want your lines to be different lengths for fishing different depths anyway so it is best to rig
them up yourself.
You can tie a weight to the bottom of your line or you may want to free float some of your juglines. Both
ways are a barrel of fun!!!

This next picture is a picture of what happens when you go jugline catfishing with Texas Catfish Juglines!!!
.....click here

Put very simply, our Texas Legal Texas Catfish Jugs are $8.50 each plus shipping via UPS to your location.
Shipping cost will be determined by the number of jugs you order and where you are located. Just give
us a call and we will get your jugs out to you in a very timely fashion.

( "We offer Guided Jugline Catfishing Trips" )

For those who would like to learn the art of exciting jugline catfish fishing first hand, we offer professionally
guided jug fishing trips from our new 26 foot pontoon boat with 8 padded swivel seats and rigged for catfish fishing.
This is a five hour jugline catfishing trip where we set out 30 or so juglines and chase them down to get the
big ones off. You will catch all different sizes of catfish on Texas Catfish Juglines!!
Guide trips are$125.00 per person with everything furnished.

To order catfish jugs or to book an exciting guided jugline catfish fishing trip
call Jugman at: 936-788-4413
Email Jugman at: jugman@texascatfishjuglines.com